Biography about Jana Werner:

Jana Werner, Kunst, Abstrakte Kunst, Acrylmalerei, Ölmalerei, Speckstein Kunst
artist Jana Werner

Jana Werner, born on December 10, 1975 in Potsdam, is an artist from Berlin. She paints abstract art, acrylic painting and oil painting on canvas or paper. She is also a soapstone artist.

She has dreamed of starting painting since she was a child. In addition to the artist Klaus-Dieter-Schweitz, her grandfather Siegfried Werner (+1987) in particular inspired her with his landscapes.

With her art she processes emotions and feelings, she can relieve stress and sink into her own world. The pictures therefore often reflect your current state of health.

Motifs of her pictures are movement and dynamics, sadness, love, happiness, pain, freedom, anger, disappointment, feelings and comics. She often uses colors such as Prussian blue, titanium white, carmine red and naththol red dark, gold and silver, and black.

Pictures without names

Jana Werner’s pictures have no names. The artist would like to leave the viewer free space for his imagination. The content of the pictures is in the eye of the beholder. She constantly rediscovers her pictures herself. That fascinates her. For them this is abstract art.

Painting techniques

Even if Jana Werner has already tried and used various painting techniques (mixed technique, scratch technique, spray technique, spatula technique with structure paste, sponge technique as well as collages made of paper / cardboard / stone / copies or photos / newspaper clippings), her path always leads to her original style. She likes to mix colors, especially blue and white, and loves the spatula technique because it allows her to design the background of the picture individually. She is also happy to paint on customer request / requests. Use the contact form to write the artist an email.